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I have now just done an apple hardware test and it has detected this error: 4MEM/ 9/ 40000000: 0x84cdd498. . 年4月11日. 以前から MacBook Pro( Mid ) の調子が悪かったので, Apple Hardware Test を 実行してみた. Hardware Test の起動のしかたは, Mac. エラーメッセージは, 4MEM / 9/ 40000000: 9a9e3e84 というぱっと見, 訳けのわからないもの. . 年3月15日. 普通はカーネルパニックが起きても起動できるはずなので、 基本ソフトウェアがレポート を作ってその内容をAppleに送信しなさいと言ってきます。. 警告: Apple Hardware Testがエラーを検出しました。 4MEM/ 9/ 40000000: 0x82e. 」. . Hello guys, been happily using my Macbook Pro mid with Crucial hardware since the upgrade in. A few days ago my. Apple Diagnostics reports bad memory - 4mem/ 9/. Stuck Address : FAILURE!

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    Error apple hardware

    . It sounds like some sort of RAM issue for sure, and there are a few memtest based programs out there to try and run and see if you run into problems. Rember is a gui based memtest, and applejack is a fairly well known utility. . Apple includes a hardware testing suite with all of its computers. Here is how to run it and interpret some of the error codes it may generate. 4MEM: Memory module. 4AIR: AirPort wireless card. In the case of a sensor error. . When the kernel panic occurs, the system restarts, offers an error report and reloads all software to it' s last state. 3. 2x8gb Original Configuration - Failed Apple Hardware Test ( error 4MEM/ 9/ x846e7218) but.

    . I did run some hardware tests ( Pressing D during the start up of the machine) and while both modules connected having the issue written something like; Alert! Apple Hardware Test has detected an error. 4MEM/ 9/. . I' ve never had a machine fail years into use, so hardware failure was pretty much at the bottom of the list in terms of. But typing 4MEM/ 9 into Google immediately yielded a discussion board post that implied one of my RAM. . Alguien sabe que indica el error siguiente en una prueba de test de hardware? 4MEM/ 9/ 40000000: 0x7dc10d90. Gracias. Vicente. Cómo restablecer la NVRAM del Mac - Soporte técnico de Apple. Una vez hecho prueba.