Wininet error code 87

0x2F87, 12167, ERROR_ INTERNET_ UNABLE_ TO_ DOWNLOAD_ SCRIPT. Note that this error is returned by the operating system, so the error number may change in future releases of Windows. WSA_ INVALID_ PARAMETER; 87. One or more parameters are invalid. An application used a Windows. with the WinHttp APIs. In the sample code below, I do not get an error pre- Windows 7 but on Windows 7 the WinHttpWriteData call results in bResults being 0 and GetLastError( ) returns 87 ( ERROR_ INVALID_ PARAMETER) :. Win32 エラーコード一覧. が制限値に達しました。 ERROR_ ADAP_ HDW_ ERR, 57, 0x00000039, ネットワーク アダプターのハードウェア エラーが発生しました。. ERROR_ INVALID_ PARAMETER, 87, 0x00000057, パラメーターが間違っています 。.

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    Error code wininet

    This is a merged/ compiled list of Windows Update Agent result/ return/ error codes. BITS puts the job in TRANSIENT_ ERROR with the same error code. 0x87FFError_ Label_ Unreadable. 1 wininet - ERROR_ INTERNET_ INVALID_ URL - The URL is invalid. The Microsoft Win32 Internet ( WinInet) API provides stand- alone applications with easy access to standard Internet. The following is a list of error codes returned by the WinInet functions: Code Error Message and Description. Wininet error 1 ftpOpenFile. # include < iostream> # include < windows. h> # include < process. h> # include < string> # include < Wininet. h> # include < vector>. Yes i did that but it gave me " unknown error" error code 87.

    ServerProtect for Windows 5. 8 で、 リターンコード87のエラーが発生しています。 この 原因と対処法について教えてください。. You need to keep calling InternetReadFile in a loop until it returns TRUE and the number of bytes read is 0. This usually means at least 2 calls to InternetReadFile. while ( InternetReadFile( hFile, buffer, maxBufferSize, & size ) = = FALSE | | size >. The error values identified in this topic are returned by GetLastError when one of the Microsoft Windows HTTP Services ( WinHTTP). An error occurred executing the script code in the Proxy Auto- Configuration ( PAC) file.